Energy & Peace in Andalucia

February 23- 2 March 2019

A week of fun, relaxing, energising, calming and putting your

life back into balance with Seasonal yoga, Chi Yoga,Tai Chi,

Chi Kung, Meditation & Mindfulness Practices.

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Movement & Meditation in the Mountains in Wales

13 - 17 July 2019


Strengthen your body with gentle Chi Yoga, Chi Kung and Tai Chi

Reduce stress with gentle and compassionate movement and mindfulness.

Become more radiant and vibrant as your energy increases


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Mindfully Wild in the Spanish Mountains

27 - 31 July 2019


Immersive experiences in nature with Taoist practices such as Tai chi and energy work and contemplation in wild places. Through the retreat you will explore and be inspired by the natural energies, elements and patterns around us in these beautiful mountains with their special wildlife and environs which hint at a more natural way of living.


Working with chi energy and the Shen spirit and the connectedness of all things you will pick up some basic chi survival techniques to power your daily life and see how nature really can show you ‘The Way’.


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Peace         Strength Balance Energise   Health

Peace   Strength Balance   Energise   Health