Mindful Movement for Health and Wellbeing

Starts January 2017


4 Sunday workshops


(29th January, 26th February, 19th March, 23rd April)




Christ Church, Darley Avenue, Didsbury, Manchester. M20 2ZD


What is it?


Learn how to relieve your stress whilst living in the modern, chaotic world.

You have the ability to improve your own well-being and inner serenity.

We have the tools to help you.


We are offering 4 Sunday workshops - £50 per workshop


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Why Mindful Movement?

Mindful movement enables you to open your internal energy channels, focus your mind and calm your emotions so that you can live your life in a more relaxed and mindful way.


Why Mindful Self compassion?

Mindfulness and self-compassion meditations provide you with the skills to take time out to find yourself again.


How to book

Contact me on 07540840835 or email:




Take time out to indulge in two great teachings combine into one empowering you to transform your life.


  • Gentle Mindful Movement including energy work which harnesses the Chi (or Prana and Life Force).
  • Chi Kung and Tai Chi, which are proven to strengthen the body and help relieve and prevent illness.
  • Mindfulness Meditation practices which help settle the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.


Mindful movement isn’t just for later in life.  You will be surprised how much strength and stamina you will gain during a session of tai chi and chi kung, which will keep your body strong and reverse the ageing process.


Harvard Medical School repeatedly promote the health benefits of chi movement practices which improves the health of people of all ages and health conditions.

A New You

with Mind Body Training at

Champneys Forest Mere

Coming soon

Relax the mind

Finding peace in a frantic world


Mindfulness training creates the ability to relax. It brings ease to the body, to the mind, and to the world.

Mindfulness allows healing to happen


All sessions are free to day and resident guests

Peace         Strength Balance Energise   Health

Peace   Strength Balance   Energise   Health